22 Jun 2018

How to use short tail and Long tail keywords to improve your SEO.

In the SEO keywords are a basic element. Keywords will decide what search result you should be getting from the search engine. if you pay attention while searching on the internet, Google displays a result as per the query(Keyword) use in the search term and the difference between the number of results you get while a search with short & long tail keywords is huge.

In this post, we will share you the difference between short tail & long tail keyword and How to use the long tail keyword to improve your Blog traffic.

Short & Long Tail Keyword
Short & Long Tail Keyword
It is very easy to understand the difference between short tail and long tail keyword. In the short tail keyword, it contains only two to three words. for example "Health Insurence" is a short tail keyword and for long tail keyword example "Best health insurance company in Mumbai".

A website can get more hits from the short tail keywords because they are the less specific keyword. On the other hand, long tail keyword drives less traffic to your website but the traffic you get from the long tail keyword is more specific and targeted it will give high conversion rate than other.

let's say you search for "Health Insurence" in google you get almost 95,60,00,000 search result. all these high rated keywords are already targeted by the big companies and you only get traffic if you are in the first page of google search and this somehow very difficult because the competition is very high.

But if you search the same thing with some specific keyword, for examples of long tail keywords, "Best health insurance company in Mumbai". you get 3,09,00,000 result. Long tail keyword only gives you the specific and targeted result. This type of specific keyword is used by the user for specific brand or service in mind. That's the reason conversion rate with the long tail keyword is very high.

How to use long tail and Short tail keywords.

Google update there search algorithm panda and made it clear for webmasters to prioritize original and useful content for visitors while focusing on certain keywords to improve the page rank of the website. With proper balancing, you can use the short tail keyword with the long tail keyword.

Just keep that in mind for to long-run use the right combination keyword with the quality content.

To compete with your online competitors you have to use both the type of keyword.
Both keywords type have there own advantages and disadvantages. So here are some tips to help you.

1. Start with longtail keyword and then short tail keyword.

For a new blogger, it is very important to first create their user base in the online world. for this long tail keyword would help you. You get minimum but targeted traffic and this will help to create user base to a website.

Write good and value-adding content for your readers with proper use of the long tail keyword. Once you start getting steady and unique visitor's flow to the website form the long tail keyword you can start utilizing the short tail keyword.

2. optimize the website for short tail keyword

Short tail keyword easily incorporated with the long tail keyword, so it means you already starting the use of the short tail keyword. Write the unique, fresh and valuable content with use targeted keyword. choosing the proper keyword really make the difference in high conversion rate.

Advantages of long tail keywords

1. Long tail Keyword provides high search volume with targeted users.
2. As compare to short tail keyword long tail keyword has less competitor with higher click-through rate(CTR)
3. Traffic comes from long-tail keyword is more targeted and search for the specific item, a product so ads can match to the search need which helps to improve the higher CTR, higher Quality Score.
4. Higher CTR, higher conversion rates mean long-tail keywords can be extremely profitable.

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