11 Jun 2018

Best site to start a blog for free (Blogger.com) And start making money online

Many people will search for easy ways to make money online. Blogging is a good option to make money online. From my experience as a part-time blogger, I am making a decent income from Blogging.

If you have a free time and finding the best online opportunities to make money then blogging is the best option. Creating Blogs are available for free and here is detail guide for how to create a blog for free.

If you are new and started a new blog then don't need to invest money in hosting and domain you can go with Google Blogspot it is free to use and not require technical knowledge to manage.

Advantages of Google Blogspot

1. Google Blogspot is completely Free. You just need a google account to login.
2. You can use Google Adsense with your google blog it is easy to incorporate with Google Blogspot and start making money online.

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3. Google Blogspot is very easy to customize lots of theme and template are available for free
4. Google Blogspot provide all necessary tool to create a free blog. Start writing quality content and share it on a social media to get more exposure.

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Step to create a free blog on Google Blogspot

1.  Sign up for Google

Go to www.blogger.com If you have Gmail account you can use same email id to sign in into Blogger.com or you can create a new one it's completely free.

Once you logged in you can find the option "CREATE NEW BLOG " Click on it for creating a new blog

Create Free new blog using Google blogspot

Create new Blog

2.Enter a name of Blog

Enter blog name as your choice and enter the domain name which also googles provide for free. make sure that your blog name should be related to the blog topic it will help readers to get an easy idea about your blog.

Add Blog name And url
Blog name

Done, You have successfully created a free blog on google blog spot in less than a minute.

3. Create your First Blog.

Create first post blogspot free
Create First Post

Click on New Post to create your first post, after clicking on new post customize editor window will open
New Post Editor Blogspot Free
New Post Editor

Here you can find multiple text editor option. Write content and add related images.

Labels - Labels are basically a menu e.g Health, technology, News etc
Schedule - It means when your posts are published, your blog post will go into a queue and will not appear until the scheduled date and time.
Permalink - It is a primary link of your blog you can edit this also as per your blog title.

4. Adsense

 On the left side menu you can find the option Earning, after getting an amount of traffic on your blog you can apply to Google Adsense and start making money online.  It is somehow difficult to get approved Google Adsense but with proper planning and quality content with good visitor count, you can approve your account easily.

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There are other options available on left side menu which are used to manage and edit a blog. Template option is used to edit HTML but if you know the HTML then only try this option
Layout option is used to add multiple types of a widget on the website.

After successfully creating a blog Now whats next?

Next things are to start writing a quality article with the quality content which helps to reach the maximum number of a user. You have to focus on SEO and keyword research which help to pull more traffic to your blog from a search engine will help to get more click and able to generate a more income from Google Adsense.

That's sound easy but if you are a new blogger and don't have an idea about SEO then it the little bit difficult but don't worry you can start learning how SEO will help to generate more traffic from search engine.

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Now Approve Google Adsense.

To get Adsense account to be approved you have quality content with unique visitors. You are a new blogger I recommended you to wait at least 3 to 4 month before applying to Adsense. In between these time period, you have enough quality content and a good amount of website traffic from search engine. This will help to approve Adsense account easily

Tips for new Blogger.

Avoid Duplicate Content:

Most of the upcoming and new blogger copied content from other popular blog and paste in there blog think that will help to increase blog traffic but this will impact badly on your blog Google search engine easily find that the content of your website is copied and start penalized your blog, It will affect your blog ranking, You never get approved to your Adsense account, if you have approved Adsense then it also blocked by Google. So please don't try this. Unless trying to write it with your thoughts and idea.

Images Optimization:

Google image search also help to pull traffic from search engine and graphical visualization help to understand the topic more clearly.
but take care of copyright issue while adding an image to your website. You can use free sites like FreeDigitalPhotos.net or Quozio.com to make your own images.
or with google image search Try Tools->User Rights->Lable For reuse.

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Creating Blog With Blogspot For Free

Google Blogspot is a very good tool to start your initial blogging journey this help you to understand the important technical term like SEO, Keyword, Search Engine, Themes, Plugins etc.
On next step, once you get confidence in your blogging you can move to personal hosting provider which enlarge your monetization strategies and skills as a blogger. If all things are plan properly then the result will show in your income.

Please share it with others so they can start their own free blogs on Google Blogspot.


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