17 May 2018

Whatsapp Payment - How to send and receive money From WhatsApp?

Most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp launched their new payment feature recently in India. with this killer feature WhatsApp is all set to compete in the digital transaction sector.

Whatsapp Payment - How to send and receive money From WhatsApp?
WhatsApp Payment

Whatsapp payment feature finally live across India. available on both Andriod and IOS platform. WhatsApp payment feature backed by Unified payment interface (UPI). with the help of this feature, you can directly send and receive money to your bank account.

How can you get this feature?

first, update the WhatsApp to latest version 2.18. Note that only update will help to get payment feature. You would need someone who had already got this payment feature, to message you. After receiving the message just relaunch the WhatsApp and the feature automatically shows up. the feature is available for both Andriod and IO but in some smartphone, it will get some time to get this feature.
How to send Money to Friend?

To send money using WhatsApp payment feature to a friend it ensures that payment option is activated on his\her WhatsApp account. the person needs to set up their bank account as well. after all this setting just open chatting with friend click on attachment button to see the payment option. the feature is also work in group chat select a particular person from chat and follow the step. If the other person is not activated the payment option WhatsApp will alert you about that so Don't worry.  


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