12 Apr 2018

Your data leaked from Facebook? Check Here.

Facebook Data leak
Facebook Data Leak

Social media giant Facebook on Wednesday admitted for the first time that it may have inappropriately shared information about Indian subscribers with data firm Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook said in a blog that information about 562,455 subscribers in India — 0.6% of the complete count — may have been shared with the data firm that has worked with Indian political parties for a long a time but has not specified whether it used that information for its clients.

Many users are confused about their Facebook profile data is a leak or not. Facebook message 8.7 cores user about there data leak from facebook and use by the Cambridge Analytica.

if you do not get this kind of message from the facebook it doesn't mean that your Facebook account data is safe.

There are some few steps to check that your data is not shared with  Cambridge Analytica.

  • Go to Facebook's help center first to see if your information on Facebook is safe or not. 

  • Click here to go to the Help Center. Write 'Cambridge Analytica' in the search box. 

  • Then you will see an option like "How do I tell if my information is shared with Cambridge  

  • Analytica?" After clicking on it, you or your friend will tell you whether or not your friend has logged in on "This Is Your Digital Life." 

  • This is the app, through which Cambridge Analyst has accessed Facebook data.  

  • If you notice a message that your data is safe, then there is no reason to worry about it.   


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