26 Apr 2018

Tips: What is the right time to drink water?

Drink water some time before taking tea or coffee it helps to reduce acidity

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Drink Water
Drinking water is essential for a healthy body. But there is a rule that when an how much amount of water you drinking.
It has a good effect if you drink water in a specific time. Many people also get rid of the problem.

When to drink water to stay healthy?

  • In the morning, drink two to three glasses of water with empty stomach.

  • It also benefits from lemon juice and honey in this water. After drinking this water, avoid food for one hour.

  • Drinking this water will help in the release of poisonous substances in your body, as well as improve the digestive tract.

  • Drink a glass of water 10 minutes before exercising, which will help to grow energy. Drink water for 20 minutes after exercising

  • Drinking water before bathing helps to control blood pressure.

  • Drinking water 45 Minute before eating does not cause acidity or dysentery, but avoid drinking water while eating it.

  • Half an hour before sleeping, drinking water was help to reuce possibility of heart attack or stroke.

  • Along with this, drinking water properly will help the brain function smoothly, help in skin retention and weight control.


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