17 Apr 2018

Orkut back with "hello"!

Orkut - hello

Giant social networking "Orkut" back to India with a new platform "hello".

Before Facebook and Twitter, India was dominated by Orkut. However,after coming to Facebook,
everyone turned to Facebook and went back to orkut. Orkut was shut down over time.
But Orkut's new social media platform 'Hello' has started.

Buyukkokten a former Google employee who founded the trendsetter
social networking website Orkut.com more than a decade ago on
Wednesday launched a new social network “hello” in India.

'Hello' has been launched by Orkut's founding company. Facebook's data leak case
is already somewhat resented in the Facebook users. The advantage of this has increased the likelihood of
'hello'.Orkut was once popular in India and in Britain. However, in 2014,
orkut has completely shut down its social media platform. Because of the arrival
of Facebook, Orkut's popularity had deteriorated

Hello founders have concluded that instead of approaching social media,
they are moving away from each other. In addition, he has claimed that 'hello'
will help people to bring them closer. The founders of 'Hello'also say that people
will find it easier and easier to communicate with each other.

In the year 2016, 'hello' was launched in Brazil. Currently, around 35 thousand
users have been added to beta testing in India

Orkut had great influence in India. So it is important to see how hello,
social media platform of Orkut, gets its response in India.

Users can download the 'Hello' app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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