12 Jan 2017

How to use social media to promote your blog

Today Social media play a very important role in term of marketing. Time has changed and people use social media for their product promotions and marketing. In term of Blogging social media play a key role, There are a number of people who make their living writing blog and promoting them on social media. Blogger is not totally depended on Organic search result for traffic.

Many of you might be thinking what is there to know about social sites? We have used it for years and it has become an integral part of our lives. But, do you know there are hundreds of hidden secrets and tactics behind social sharing, and you need to put a bit of effort, then simply sharing your blogs on social sites. The trick is to use blogs to enrich your social media account and use social media to promote your blogs.

Blog Social Media

Targeted Right Audience

 Target those people who have the same set of interest as you. It's all about doing some research and finding a user who has an interest in your niche. There is various social media site available choose a right platform where you can attract the right audience.


 Interaction with other people are very useful if you are not interactive and sit alone in a corner no one will notice you. You need to engage and show interest on social networking site. if you want to get most out of it. No one will know about you and your blog if you don’t tell yourself. The more you engage your audience, the more they know about you.


Currently, a hashtag is very trending on social, media. The hashtag is more useful than we think. Now almost every social media has this feature. Hashtags help you organize your blog effectively as well as get your post in top search results. This means you are going to reach audience globally and drive huge traffic to your website. Using hashtags is not only an effective social media strategy but also one of the best SEO techniques.

Visually appealing

 Social media is becoming appealing visually and has become a requirement. Load your blog posts with as many images, but remember not to complete. Posts with images engage very well with the readers than text. You can also post some excellent quality videos to convey the message.

Schedule posts according to time zone

 If you want traffic from different time zones, then you should schedule the posts using some software like Buffer, Mass planned, Postcron etc. This helps you to share your blogs on almost any social media day and night, regardless of your time zone. It would make you stress-free and generate productive results. This is very helpful; especially if you forget about the time you wanted to share.

Use of forums and communities

There are different communities and forums on social sites, where you can join and become an active member. Communities and forums have lots of members who have already joined and are active. Your blog may get a lot of traffic within a few days of joining these communities.
For example, if your blog is about Health & Fitness, and if you share your blog with a Health community of 50K members, you are likely to get huge traffic. Some of the members may even share it with their friends and may even become your loyal readers.
The more you engage with people, the more they love to read your blogs.

Stick to social media

It can be a frustrating experience, if you are doing a lot and still not be getting any traffic. Spending time on social media is the best way to build a relationship and engage them. You can even promote the content of other bloggers, rather than simply blast your own content. Give them a retweet, share their posts and give genuine comments.
The bottom line is a social media platform is a great place for bloggers, especially if they want to be known by more and more people.
Share the blogs, repeatedly so all your audience will not be online at same time.


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