13 Dec 2016

Why Success Story Of Other Not Work For You

success story of other not work for you
Success Story Of Other Not Work For You

From our childhood we read or refer success story of other -How They achieved the massive 
fame fortune, and adoration because of that they are in legendary status. And we start to follow their footstep
doing just what they did to capture a small piece of our own career glory?

There's nothing wrong with doing this but
 when it comes right down to it, what worked for the most successful people in your professional field won’t necessarily work for you. In fact, there’s an overwhelming likelihood that it won’t.
Even if you do manage to become the next Steve Jobs or Paul Rand, the way in which you achieve your success will likely look nothing like the road they each took.

When you follow the path of any one of your heroes it is very important to you consider your own individual  situation
Your needs, goals, and available resources are unique to you, and doing things because someone else did them may actually hold you back from achieving whatever it is you were meant to achieve.

 Take Only Things That Is Working For You.

This you have to try while reading your next inspirational book or blog spot. Read it and take note of thing that strike  you. something  that not strike you just ignores that thing. It is very important to choose right thing from the story and eliminate others unused thing.
You shouldn’t let anyone’s opinion get in the way of attempting something you want to attempt. The only way to find out if something will work for you is by trying it.

Know Your Self Best

It is very discouraging when someone you admire gives and opposite opinion about the path that you believe the right path for you , 
You may feel as though you must follow that advice because Famous So-And-So says it’s the only way, but that’s unuseful .
After all, even our heroes say weird, irrelevant things from time to time. They’re only human, after all.


As a blogger, I might be given more importance to reading constantly I know that's not possible. Reading is the best way to learn new thing and get inspiration from it.
Want to get the most out of reading? Here’s the secret: you have to read everything. That’s right – anything you can get your hands on, even if it seems irrelevant to what you want to know. Read lots of new books and blogs; don’t just keep recycling your favorites.
If you only read things you like and agree with, you will become entrenched in a very narrow way of thinking about success, creativity, and life in general.
Read things you wouldn’t normally read, and even things that you’re pretty sure you’re going to hate. Sometimes you can learn the most from the people with whom you most strongly disagree. I’ve gotten loads of inspiration from books and blog posts.

On Last

By getting yourself with a wide variety of knowledge you can change the rule that are
handed out by others to your own expectations, and never get stuck following advice that’s guaranteed to doom any real success you might have.

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