30 Dec 2016

How to Create privacy policy page for Blogger.

Privacy Policy Page

A privacy policy page is a disclosure information about how the site accumulates any data from the guests and about the promotions served. It gives a validity and reliability to your blog. Many popular Ads serving program like Google AdSense looks for a privacy policy on your blog before approving you in their advertising network.

Hence it is very necessity to add Privacy Policy to your blog.
I Will tell you how to create privacy policy page and add to your blog.
If you have required knowledge about it, you can create it your own. But most of the new blogger do not know how to create a privacy policy page for their blog. There is a serval third party privacy policy generator tool available on-line which will do the work for you for free. I am using one such service provided by SerpRank.com

  • Go to the SerpRank Privacy Policy Generator Page.
  • The page will ask for your Site URL and Email Address.
  • If your blog use cookies (if you are serving to advertise, your blog is most likely using it), select Yes, we use cookies option.
  • In the advertiser information, select the advertising solutions you use to monetize your blog.
  • After filling up the form, select Crete my Privacy policy. You have just created a privacy policy for your blog. Now Copy this information to a text document.
SerpRank Privacy Policy Setting

 Add The Generated Privacy Policy To Your Blog?

  • For Blogger Blog: Open your Blogger Dashboard > Pages. If you are using WordPress Blog then go to your Dashboard > Pages > Add New
  • Create a new blank page and paste the copied privacy policy in the text body and title your page as “Privacy Policy“
  • Publish your page
  • You have successfully created and published privacy policy for your blog.

By adding a privacy policy to your blog, you will increase the trustworthiness of your readers. It’s a good practice to have a privacy policy visible to your readers. Even Google AdSense in their terms and conditions require you to have a privacy policy for your blog. So, go and make one before you apply for any advertising network to make money from your blog.

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