14 Dec 2016

Best Way to Negotiate a Salary for new job

Salary Negotiation

Most of the people who join there the first job don't get an expected salary, there is much reason behind this but one common reason is How to negotiate a salary.
Timing is very important to see when you start negotiating for a salary, "The timing is valuable than the process",
and secondly, it also depends on what offer has been made to the table.
When the company offers a proposal to you, now it's your time to unleash your negotiating skills to get a better salary offer as you want and suitable to your profile.
An important thing about salary negotiation before joining the new company.

Collect Information.

In term of salary negotiating many interviewees fail to settle on a figure and just go nowhere. The main reason behind this
They don't collect enough information about their own skills or about their potential employer.
You have to know about how much your company and competitor company offer for your role.
Secondly, you should have known about the demand for the skill you own.
To start negotiating for a salary figure first you have to analyze your skill and quality to see what you're worth.

Do Not Mention A Figure.

Don't put down any numerical figure.
Your interviewer may try odd tricks to push you to commit to a salary figure. You might be asked questions such as, ‘what is your expected salary’ or, ‘what is the payment you can start with.’ Giving a range below the industry average may be of a disadvantage to you.
The Company may have a higher budget for your position but it always tries to higher an employee with a lower salary, It gives an advantage to the company in negotiating if you quoted a lower salary figure.
Or you should say "I will accept your best offer", instead of any number.
This is the best method to get the best salary package. The interviewer has to take a decision on your salary package, and you get best of it. Moreover, you also get an edge to deal according to your needs.

A Win-Win Negotiating Style

A salary negotiating should be based on a win-win formula, the company never waste money by overpaying you. Similar
You never want to work for a company if they underpay.
Always keep balance approach so the company is also agreed to pay and you also happy with the salary figure.
A balanced approach for salary package is ideal for a successful negotiation process.

Timing is Everything.

Don't be so hurry, if the company gets the impression that candidate is in need and Hungary for the job and ready to work on any offer he gets. It completely depends upon your negotiation skill.

However, there are times when negotiations may not work out in your favor. This is the time you have to take a decision to look for other job or go with the current company offer.

Don't be looser.

If you are negotiating with a losing attitude, you never get your dream job.
Your attitude towards the job offer is very much important, never show the looser attitude and die to get the offer.
Have some patience don't be so hurried to commit anything about salary package. Let the interviewer ask you more questions. This waiting game definitely help you to create a platform for you're negotiating
In some situation, the interviewer becomes flexible and ready for salary range that you want but he doesn't commit anything, But it indicates that interviewer is taking one step back and ready to talk on your term.

The offer letter

The offer letter can give you a better idea of the compensation package. Some of the company may not give you the higher package but they provide other facilities like a pension plan, dental care, eye care or any other may be this not suitable for your lifestyle, negotiate for best offer.it is important to read offer carefully before accepting it.
Keep on Track.
Sometimes while negotiating for a higher salary
may drive you out of your track, and you may omit the basics. It is noteworthy that you navigate the attention of your interviewer towards how valuable you can be for the company.
It completely depends on how you showcase your talent and worth for the role otherwise all the negotiations will be wasted.
Your talent and negotiate skill will help to impress the interviewer. Leave them with the impression that you are not only concerned with the salary but also with the value you can take into the company if they take you in

On Last

Remember never finish your negotiation on a harder note. You never know one day you might be negotiating with the same person again. You can use above tips to successfully negotiate your salary and get the maximum outcome.  But sometimes the situation may be different so analyze your skills and package you get are really worth for it

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