24 Nov 2016

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work

Affiliate Marketing Program
Affiliate Marketing Program
This article is to share the basis of what is affiliate marketing? and how does it works? Affiliate marketing is a good source of passive income with very minimum efforts.

Affiliate marketing is also known as commission on base, means someone buys any product or service based on your recommendation, you receive a commission. The commission depends upon the product or service you are promoting. If you need some good extra income without any effort affiliate marketing is a very good option for you.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

You have to register your self to a different affiliate program. Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc are the top e-commerce company who can provide the affiliate marketing program. Along with an e-commerce company, you can register with Hosting provider companies for good commissions.

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After accepting your request for the affiliate program. Marketers give you affiliate ID which includes in unique URL which they can use to track your website and sale making via your website.

Most of the online e-commerce and Hosting provider company provide affiliate marketing program. As per your blog niche or topic you can choose a different kind of product or service to promote on your website. If you choose a product or service which is related to your reader's niche and requirement then the chances of the conversion will increases.

If your readers buy anything, you will get a commission.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing program is a good source of passive income. If you promote the product or service with a correct approach it definitely becomes a good alternative income source.
Affiliated marketing gives you an extra income.there is no charge to join the affiliate program
For the Affiliate marketer, you don't need some extra qualification, Good marketing skill will be added an advantage if you have.

There are a few networks like Viglink and Skimlinks which automatically convert normal links into affiliate links. They use Javascript so it’s SEO friendly, and you do not need to sign up for an individual affiliate program.

You can earn good amount of money using affiliate marketing. It depends upon what strategy you are using to promote the product and convince your readers to buy the product.


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