17 Nov 2016

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Most important thing in blog is catchy headline and grate stuff with lost of information
share your article over different social media profile
after all this effort and hard work  still not able to get connect with readers and you start feeling frustrated for not getting right kind of attention in the form of shares and comments.

I am not here to demotivate you. I want you to realize one thing. In spite of this study, you can easily grab the attention of your readers.
You don’t need any extra efforts to connect with your readers. There is no rocket science behind it. It is easier than you think.
Here is the reason:

1.Your Passion

This is the most important thing

Choose the topic that you love and have deep interest, if you don't love your topic then how can you accept readers to engage

If you really want to grow your blog, realize the pain and the struggle of the successful blogger. Your work must reflect your passion. Always aim for long term commitments. Don’t get fooled by the temporary traps.

Start looking out for the topics of your interest. Before spreading the information to your readers, brush up your skills by reading the articles of the top bloggers from your niche.

2.Try to understand needs of readers

After shaping your interest, gather the right kind of resources for shaping the life of your readers.

if you don't understanding your readers there is no use of your blog

3.Be friend with your readers

treat your user just like your friend Be open ask question,give them ample space to share there opinion reviews. Remember thing appreciate the suggestion of your readers,if you come up with new blog post from suggestion don't forget to mention the name of the readers make them feel special
this simple act will create strong bond between you and your readers

4.Share your personal story

Suppose you are thinking of writing on a particular topic. And, a lot of stuff has already been published on that topic

The question arises:?

Why should a reader go through your stuff?

People may steal your content ideas. But, nobody can steal your personal stories. It is these stories which make a post 'Your' post.
Everyone has something to offer. When you start connecting your personal life stories with your post, nobody can stop you achieving the desired engagement rate.

Your story has a magical charm to seduce the readers. Never waste this treasure by thinking ‘What will people think about me’. Come above these baseless notions and craft the post with your personal touch.

Never leave your readers in a state of confusion. When you are using any technical terms, explain that term in advance. Don’t assume your reader knows everything.

There is no use of showing off your vocabulary skills. Nobody is interested in your vocabulary knowledge. Use common words. Don’t expect your reader to sit with a dictionary.

When you are talking about a particular topic, frame your points by connecting all the points. Don’t stuff any random stuff for increasing the length of the articles. You are writing for the readers, not for the google bots.

Come with innovative ideas for cheering up your readers. Present a free cheat sheet without any email signups, come up with a contest of providing free software to the top three readers, or provide your services at a cheaper cost for a limited period of time.

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