1 Dec 2016

How to optimize blog posts for seo : For Beginners

SEO Search Engine Optimization means how the popular search engine like google.com,yahoo.com,bing.com present your page on user search

How it Works?

Basically,  a popular search engine using spider software to crawl your website when you search using particular keyword search engine crawl through the web picking up site after site and rank them. this ranking is very much important and totally dependent upon the keyword. Higher the rank google show them on the first page.so in order to get a higher rank you need an SEO if you need higher rank in a search engine you have to optimize your website using SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Tips for New Blogger
Search Engine Optimization Tips for New Blogger
Here is a simple step which will help for an optimizing website for SEO.

1.Blogspot Page Title 

Post title plays a  very important role in  SEO.it is a short definition of your article so you have to give proper attention to the post title.try to make title simple, so the user will know what they will expect. just think about that how will you search for anything on web use this approach to set your blog title.

how to search on web
Google Search suggestion

2.Quality of Content

Here is the another most import part, the content of your blog it plays a very important role in SEO.while writing any article or post don't try to copy-paste from some elsewhere, don't bombard with images and animation, make your article between 300-500 word lesser than this will affect your page rank.

So write original try to write your personal experience that can relate to your user.use proper images related to the article and most important is to name them so they can appear in image search( tag to name image).use

tag search engine like these tag, and try to maintain your article length between 300-500 words so it will easily recognize by search engine.

3.Use Of Keyword.

Keywords are used by other users to search your blog on the web.if you stuff your website with keywords so there is a chance of your content look like spam to spider and he will start neglecting you website.
The idea is that once you have chosen your title (and included your keyword in it, as I have added keyword SEO in the title above), use it in page URL, in your starting and ending paragraphs, as well as in article body where required without sounding awkward. Additionally, you may link it using anchor text to relevant resources in and out of site.
Use keyword in URL
Use keyword in URL


In my previous article, i already explain to you  How to use meta tag. 
meta tag gives all the information about web pages you can set your keyword, page author in a meta tag. 
but in the current scenario, Google and other search engines long left using meta-tag to finding the site information.

5.Social Media

In today's word, social media play an important role to reach people.so share your content on social media site, it's great if some high ranking site provides a back-link to your site.guest posting is also very good, make a positive comment on another site, so they also comment on your blog.this will really helpful for your SEO.

6. Writing Post

 Sites with new content every day, or twice-thrice a week have still far better ratings than those who post every fortnight. A better incoming content frequency makes spider come to your site regularly, resulting in better ratings and enhanced SEO.
Web-site SEO completely depends upon you so write targeted keyword present it proper and socialize.

This Step is really helpful to improve your page ranking in Google search engine and pull huge traffic to your blog. It takes some time to show the result so keep working on your blog write quality content with the targeted keywords.

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