27 Nov 2016

How to add meta tags to blogger posts to improve SEO

Meta tag plays the key role in website or blog SEO.if know some basic idea of how SEO is work then you know how Meta tag is important. The meta tag is located in Page Header section, these tags have only one purpose to include information about page such as author name, date, keyword, description, title, among others.

There is only one option present in Blogger is Meta Description.T his description is appeared as the fragment in a search result and as a description when sharing on the social network like facebook, google+ etc. The Clear and perfect keyword will increase website traffic and clicks.i will show you some little guide how to set Meta Description in Goole Blogger.

Login to your Blogger dashboard and then select Setting menu from left-hand side menu list

Meta Description Fro Blogger

Setting ->>  Search Preferences->> Meta Tags ->>Edit

Add Meta Tag


You have to write detail description about your blog, like purpose, a listing area of expertise this will help Google search engine to show in a listing. Then select YES and save the Changes to enable the meta tag description for your blog.

Meta Description For Individual Page 

Now we will set meta tag to the individual post, click on edit post or create the new one.on right-hand site menu Post Setting select ->> Search Description. just write down important things about your article.
Meta tag for blog page
Meta tag for the blog page
And that's it. However it is best to test if it works and we will do so with the online tool Metachecker, where we only have to introduce the URL of a post or page, click Analyze and then it will show the results, including a complete analysis of keywords, on-page SEO, meta tags, URLs, current server status and a rating bar that goes from Horror to Excellent.

If none of the meta descriptions appear (rarely fails), we can do the process manually, but it requires us to touch a bit of code. In this case, go to 
<b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;'>
  <meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/>
we can use available methods to set Meta description place correctly if all set well definitely it will show a result in SEO term.


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