23 Nov 2016

Feeling Down Here is a way to lift Your Mood.

The current living condition is very much hectic and challenging, in each phase of life we have to struggle to complete our goal due to this Each one us experience a low-phase at some point. At that time we blame the time, situation or any other. But the real reason is behind this depression is YOU

Most of the time reason behind depression or low - phase is You are not getting positive response or the same response you want from a particular situation. You feel low because everything goes one in your life. You get hurt from your close one.

How to Uplift your mood when you are Depressed:

way to lift Your Mood.

1.Be Sad

It is very good for you when you express your feeling if you feel happy just display it same as for sad if you feel sad just show to another What you need to understand is that the more you suppress your emotional energy, the more different ways it will find to escape through your body Basically, in first point is to bring your attention that you should make time to feel sad for some time not more
It is a phase when your mind (Brain) starts throwing positive though to overcome the conscience For the first two or three times, it will not occur naturally, but soon, you will begin to see that the moment you tell yourself: “I’ve been low for too long. It’s time to kick ass”, your brain will push you into optimism. This will positively affect your productivity!


To overcome from your depression best trick to divert your mind from sitting for some time and the movement or motion is a very good option for this Whenever you felt sad or low. it is very good trick for this job is like sitting on the same place for a long time. So start walking or do some quick exercises to increase oxygen level in blood.


This is a very effective trick, when you feel low just distract yourself from the situation, try to engage yourself in some any other activity Like play games, watch television and  listening music is very effective, take a walk Just remember to push yourself against the lethargy to break free from your state. This is an important trick to gain control of your raucous emotions.

4.Watch funny videos

We all know that laughing is the best medicine, so when you felt low watch loved program that feel you comfortable The key here is to uplift your mood, which can only be done by switching to a comic episode. Pick out your favorite series. Watch it for some time.

5.Listening Music

There is nothing better than music to change your mood, but you don't listen sad or off beat music these sad songs ruminating about our sadness Yes, you might feel lonely and use sad music as a harmonious buddy. But it’s a trap. Literally! Instead, listen to upbeat music. Listen to tunes that make you want to dance, that make you want to move around. Such songs will immediately transport you into a trance (doing the TV’s work), they will make your brain shoot more happy hormones, and they will boost your morale.

6.Talk with love ones

This is a very good option to overcome from your depression, talk with your loved one just express yourself your problem in front of them. This will lower your burden and you feel fresh and relax also you get a suggestion to get out of depression, they are our close one and they are always with us in any situation This positive thinking gives you a poitivity to rule your depression


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