2 Jul 2016

Protection to your Gadget during Monsoon

BubbleShield Pro

The Bubble Shield utilizes a dual-zip enclosure to ensure your device is safe from water, mud, sand, or exploding pizza sauce.  And what’s more, the Bubble Shield sleeve is super-strong yet magically thin, ensuring your touch screen doesn’t miss a single gesture. The Bubble Shield is certainly waterproof, but it is also sound-permeable and photo-ready.  That way you can video-chat with friends, or watch the latest YouTube video, or take pictures of your friends right from the middle of the action

Smart skin

Smartskin is a double-layered thermoplastic polyurethane skin you pull over your smartphone or tablet and seal on the backside. It protects against Water, Dirt, Dust, and Snow. Good during every day- and leisure-, as well as indoor- and outdoor activities.


DiCAPac waterproof case is one of the market leaders in the waterproof case for the cameras, in super transparent vinyl waterproof case, UV coated optical lens. You will be really amazed that you can take underwater pictures with the same effectiveness and quality as of any high-end and expensive underwater camera housing. 100% waterproof case. DiCAPac also provides the great waterproof case to protect your electronic gadgets from water, rain, sand, dust, snow, etc.


Designed to create a watertight vacuum seal, simply slip your tablet or e-reader inside the DryCASE and lock the clasps. Position it how you’d like to use it in the case, then use the vacuum hand pump (included) to remove the desired amount of air. Remove all of the air so that the case is flush against your device screen for touchscreen access. A built-in three-way headphone jack lets you use both stereo headphones and a microphone to listen to music or watch a movie.




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