28 Jun 2016

All new features in android N (Nougat 7.0)

Best Feature of Android N
Android N

1. Night Mode

The Night Mode in Android N enables user dark theme across the device during the night. It also applies a yellowish tint in order to suppress the blue light coming from the display. The feature also lowers brightness automatically depending on the time of the day.

2. Split-Screen

Android N supports the split-screen. This feature has been present in many Samsung devices for a time now. Long pressing on the multitasking button now gives you the open to run two apps side by side on your Android phone. This is one of the best ways to take advantage of the larger screens on many phones and tablets.

3. Better Notifications

The notification panel now gets a new look with denser and wider design with smaller icons. You can now expand notifications and take actions with little buttons present eliminating the need for swiping actions as in the previous versions. Long pressing on notification from a particular app will let you now control how you'll receive alerts from the app in future. You can choose whether to display them silently in the future or block them altogether.

4. Instant Apps

Instant apps let you access functionality of apps without downloading them. When you need to access certain functionality of an app, Google Play will download a few small parts needed for a brief experience. For now, this experience seems limited to web-based apps.

5. Daydream

Daydream is Google's next step into virtual reality after Google Cardboard. It is a new Android-powered platform that succeeds its Cardboard initiative. Future phones will be Daydream certified with specific display and sensors and they will work with VR headsets. 

6. Improved Multitasking

One of Google's main focus for Android N has been multitasking. The cards in multitasking view are now bigger with more details. The least used apps in the multitasking window are now automatically closed and only seven of the recent most used apps are shown instead. Another addition is a 'close all' button, which existed in many custom versions of Android for some time now. Also, now you can double tap on the multitasking button and switch to your recently used app, like the Alt-Tab in Windows.

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