28 May 2016

WhatApp voicemail, callback and zip file sharing support

Whatsapp had recently added end-to-end encryption for its messaging platform. As per a latest update, WhatsApp plans to add some more interesting features. New features in the pipeline include a callback feature, voicemail feature and a zip file sharing support.
The callback feature would allow users to call up friends by simply tapping on a button rather than having to open the app, check up the contact and connect with that person. The button will appear beside the WhatsApp missed call notification button. The voicemail feature will allow users to record and send voicemails. The voicemail feature will show up only when the user is on a voice call. I
t will be made available on both Android and iOS platforms.
WhatsApp currently offers support for sharing docs, sheets and slides, now it will offer support for sharing zip files as well. Zip file sharing will enable users to share heavy files over the messaging platform which earlier used to be limited by the size of the files. The new features are currently in the beta testing phase, and are expected to be rolled out in a few weeks.
WhatsApp is an online messaging platform that currently boasts of one billion active users as per a recent report. It has been adding a lot of features recently few of which include quick reply feature, formatting options-bold, italics-and a new camera app that allows users to stream videos.

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