2 Nov 2015

Optimize Your WHATSAPP

optimize whatsapp

Whatsapp has redefined sending messages to someone. It all started from emails then came text messages and now it is the era of Whatsapp. When someone asks you to text them they basically expect you to send them a message on Whatsapp. Here are some features of Whatsapp which will help you in optimizing your Whatsapp.
  •  Besides sending text messages to someone on your Whatsapp contact list, you can now call people over Whatsapp. This call is made over an active net connection which means that you need to remain connected to the Whatsapp servers. There are no operator charges for this call.
  • Whatsapp allows you to have a profile picture which your contacts can see. You can choose photos from your gallery. There is also an option of removing the profile picture. In the privacy settings, you can change who sees your profile photo. There are three options: Nobody, Everyone, and Only your contacts.
  • You can also put up statuses on Whatsapp. There are some statuses provided by Whatsapp. There are three privacy options regarding who can see your status just like in profile picture.
  • Whatsapp groups are very convenient for group conversations and to stay in touch with multiple people. The new feature in Whatsapp groups is that you can make multiple people admins. And admin of a group can add or remove people from the group.
  • A broadcast message is an easy way to send the same message to multiple people. It is quick and easy.
  • You can mute groups whose notifications you do not wish to get. Blocking contacts prevent those people from sending your messages. They can’t see your profile pictures or status either.
  • There is an option to backup your conversations. You can email yourself the chat history of groups or personal chats.
  • Chat shortcuts can be created to open the chat instantly. Another feature is changing the wallpaper of conversations. You can add a wallpaper of your own or download the wallpaper package that Whatsapp provides

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