2 Nov 2015

Nokia Phones will Reach Customers by 2016, QWERTY Phones Rumored

A couple of days ago, Ranjeev Suri, CEO of Nokia confirmed that the company will be returning to smartphone manufacturing in the year 2016.
While most people assumed that Microsoft has purchased the Lumia brand as well as Nokia as a whole, very few knew that there is still some left of the parent company. The Windows maker actually brought the Windows Phone based copyrights so that they could make sure their operating system doesn’t fall flat.
However, the team that is left at Nokia is now looking for suitable partners. They will be working on the core design of the phones with all their creativity and ideas put together which will be constructed by another manufacturer. If it proves to be a success, especially in markets like Brazil, China, India and Europe where they have a huge fan base, Nokia might be back with full swing from next year onwards.
It is also being rumored that the company will make touch screen phones but their sole focus is on making QWERTY phones with full keyboards as well as keypad based physical devices which is seriously lacking in the market at the moment. They provide better battery life, easy to use and are durable than any touch screen phone.

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