2 Nov 2015

How to Permanently Delete Data on your Android Phone?

The market is flooded with new smartphones every other day and it becomes essential for you to replace your phone at one point or the other. But, the problem with selling an old device is that it will have lots of private data. Here is how you can completely wipe them clean off your Android phone before selling it to devoid any recovery process.
Best File Shredder Apps
The most trusted way for you to get rid of files and personal data is to use a file shredder app. There are many available on the Google Play Store but here are the best ones that you could consider using.
While normal apps simply delete files, shredders smash and rip those files into different pieces so that no one would be able to put them back together. It will also ensure that no recovery program is able to retrieve them ever again.
Andro Shredder – the most popular one in the market which comes with a wide range of customization options. It allows you to individually select files as well as folders to shred them. You can even clear SMS data and use password protection to secure important files.
File Shredder & Advanced File Shredder – Both of them are shredder apps that have received ample user ratings and positive reviews. You can consider using them to wipe your phone clean and make sure the data is destroyed permanently.
Encrypt, Factory Reset
Every phone come with an encryption option which comes in handy and you can choose to factory reset to clear the data.
Head to the settings panel, click on the security options and find the encrypt phone feature inside it. You can choose to encrypt the phone storage as well as the SD card. Before you sell your device, make sure to use factory reset before handing it over to someone else.

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