11 Jul 2019

How to stop people from adding you to their WhatsApp group.


Finally, WhatsApp comes with a feature that is required for a long time. To become more user-friendly What's App continuously updated and added the new feature. Now Whats App comes with the new feature.

What's App always try to make their app more user-friendly with a new feature. As we know that previously What's App launch their new feature to prevent the spreading of fake news and many other features.

NowWhats App comes with a new feature that is very required for every individual.
We All Use Whats app to connect with our family and friends. but some time anomalously we are get added into the unwanted group even we didn't know anything about the group and the problem starts here our personal mobile number gets shares to the person we even don't know.

Mostly the woman's are facing big issues because of this, Woman are added to any group they even don't know and the trouble start here there number and pictures are shared with other unknown people.

Especially in the case of women, they have to face a great dirty mentality. There have been some types of sharing of porn messages, photos, or videos in the groups by adding them to a group without their permission.

To solve this problem Whats App comes with a new privacy feature that will help us to prevent someone to add any group.

Initially, this feature has been made available on an experimental basis on some people's mobile phones. This feature will be available to all in the coming days.

How to use What's App Privacy Feature?
1.Update your WhatsApp to the latest version
2. Go to WhatsApp setting and click on Account
3. In account click on privacy and click on Groups
4. In the Groups, three option is available
b.My contact.
5.everyone - If you select this option, then anyone can add you in any group
6. My Contact - the Only user from your contact can add you in any group
7.Nobody - No one can add you in any group

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