6 Jan 2017

Simple Tips to Improve Website Page Rank

Become a blogger, you always think about website Page Rank. Page rank is a metric decide between (1-10) given by the search engine to the website. Search engine page rank is not directly helped to increase website traffic but it helps to increase the website trustworthiness

How Page Rank Calculated?

Website page rank is given by the Search engine Google between (1-10) it depends upon your website quality and a number of backlinks. If you recently purchased the domain then the website page rank should be 0 or N/A. Website page rank defined 1 is starting and 10 for the best.

Page rank depends upon the number of quality backlinks most site link will increase the trust of your website and this website have a higher page rank in Google search engine

Why need Highest Page Rank?

As we know that website page rank is not directly helped to increase the website traffic but definitely help to increase your website trustworthiness and this will help to attract the advertiser to your website. Higher the page rank will also attract the other blogger and website to link your website and it will help to increase quality backlinks.

Improve Page Rank

Tips to improve the Page Rank


Website page rank depends upon the quality and quantity of your website content. Write a blog post with high-quality content, Your reader and Search engine love the updated quality content. Update website content regularly so the search engine crawler crawl your website regularly. You have to keep updated with your website content otherwise it will start dropping website page ranking.

Submit to online directories(Backlinks)

Website page rank depends upon the website quality and a number of good quality backlinks. Submitting your website and post to Good directories will help to create high-quality backlinks and provide better way display your post to a number of users. but it doesn't mean that you can create a number of backlinks using any online free backlink maker tool. Backlinks are only helpful if it comes from the High PR site this only help to increase your website Page rank
Good quality backlinks help to improve your website page rank but the bad quality backlinks will damage and may Google ban your website from search engine.

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Update website regularly

It is always a good practice if you update your post regularly with fresh and quality content. Search engine and website readers love if the website content update regularly. You have to schedule your plan where you have fresh content. Posting on daily basis will definitely help to improve your page rank.

Link Exchange

This Is very know method but still effective. You just have to appeal some higher rank website to share their link with you. This will automatically boost your traffic and increase your page rank.

Post as Guest

This technique is also very useful You just have to post on some popular blog as a guest that will help you to create some backlinks. Find the blog that is related to your industry will help to attract readers to your site. There are many popular blogs where you can submit your article as a Guest Blog.

ShoutMeLoud: ShoutMeLoud.com | Submit Guest Post

Content Marketing Institue: Submission guidelines

HubSpot: Submission guidelines

Outbrain: Submission guidelines

Copyblogger.com: Submit Guest Post

Smashing Magazine: Guest post guidelines

Inc42: Contact for a guest post

YourStory: Submit a guest post

Daily Blog Tips: Daily Blog Tips | Submit Guest Post

InBound.org: Read guidelines before submitting

Commenting on Others Blog Post

As well as writing quality content on regular basis you should have to post a comment on another popular article which is related to your industry. You have to schedule so that you can comment on a regular basis. More you post the more you active in the community. Most of the site using the third party commenting like Disqus which allow you to automatically post your site link.

Social Sharing

Social sharing is a very effective tool to reach a number of people in very less time.
Today's generation is most active on social media and uses social media very effectively so it is a good option to target these right audions and redirect them to your website to increase your website traffic. Share on social media increase the visibility of your content and improve page rank as well. Choose some popular site like

Stumble Upon

Sharing on social media defiantly help to increase page rank. But you have to be active on social media to respond to your visitor's question

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Quality content with the targeted keyword is the known rule to pull traffic to your website research and update your website content with new update keyword.
Keywords are played very important role try to focus on the keyword that is mostly used by people to search. By using most common keyword it will help to boost your page rank.


If Websites have broken and bad links it gives negative feedback to the search engine and readers so it is important to fix these broken link, you can use Google webmaster tool or Broken Link Checker to search and fix these broken link.

These tips are very easy to implement on your website to improve your website search engine page rank along with this you can create good internal linking it simply means link to your old post.
Other than this there are many other tips which you can use but the backlinks is the only factor which helps to increase your website page rank so try to create good quality backlinks.

Hope this tips will help you to improve your website page rank.Please share your thought and doubt in the comment section.


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