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30 Jul 2020

How to send a high-quality image in Whatsapp

30 July
Whatsapp is an internal part of our social life and we use WhatsApp to connect with our friends and family to share information via text, images, and videos. But the problem we are facing while sharing the image s or videos on WhatsApp is It automatically compressed them before send and it will reduce the quality of the image.

In this blog, we are sharing the 2 methods of how to send an uncompressed image using the WhatsApp.

1. Send Image as Document Attachment

This is a simple and easy way to send uncompressed image files using Whatsapp, we are using the same steps that we use to share any image file from our phone gallery.

Let's Check, Open WhatsApp in your Android mobile phone and open the chat with your friend/family to whom you want to send an uncompressed image file
  1. Click on the 'Clip' icon
  2. Select the type Document (By default Whatsapp list all the document file from your device)
  3. Click on Browser and go to the Folder or gallery where your image file is placed.
  4. select the single or multiple files from the folder and click on send.

2. Zip all the image file and send as an attachment

This second method is also simple and easy and using this we can send multiple high-quality images in one click as compared to the second method first method is a little bit tedious to send multiple images in one go.
follow the below steps to send a High-quality image as a zip document.
first, you need to create a compress zip(Archive) file of your all images, you can use "Winzip" on your computer/laptop or you can download any application in your mobile phone from google play store to make a zip file
Steps are the same as the first method

Let's Check, Open WhatsApp in your Android mobile phone and open the chat with your friend/college to whom you want to send an uncompressed image file
  1.  Click on the 'Clip' icon
  2.  Select the type Document (By default Whatsapp list all the document file from your device)
  3.  Select the.ZIP(Archive) file you have created with all images
  4.  Last, Hit the send button

Using these two simple methods you can share the high-quality uncompressed image with Whatsapp in Android mobile phone. You can use the same steps to send high-quality uncompressed images in iPhone(iOS).

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28 Jul 2020

Whatsapp New feature - Single Mobile Number can be used in multiple devices.

28 July
Popular Instant messaging platform Whatsapp now coming with the most waited and important feature. Whatsapp is working on a multi-device support feature and by using this feature user can use a single mobile number in multiple devices.

Whatsapp New feature - Single Mobile Number can be used in multiple devices.

Facebook-owned Whatsapp always tries to come up with new and interesting features for its users. Now Whatsapp is working on a new multiple device support feature and with the help of this feature, Whatsapp user can be able to use a single mobile number with multiple devices. Whatsapp user can get this feature in WhatsApp upcoming update.

As per the available information user will get a new option "Whatsapp Linked Devices" in setting a menu where the user will get the information about another device that is using the Whatsapp with the same mobile number and the detail about the last active date time.

Currently, this new feature is under development and only available in Android beta version

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11 Jul 2019

How to stop people from adding you to their WhatsApp group.

11 July

Finally, WhatsApp comes with a feature that is required for a long time. To become more user-friendly What's App continuously updated and added the new feature. Now Whats App comes with the new feature.

What's App always try to make their app more user-friendly with a new feature. As we know that previously What's App launch their new feature to prevent the spreading of fake news and many other features.

NowWhats App comes with a new feature that is very required for every individual.
We All Use Whats app to connect with our family and friends. but some time anomalously we are get added into the unwanted group even we didn't know anything about the group and the problem starts here our personal mobile number gets shares to the person we even don't know.

Mostly the woman's are facing big issues because of this, Woman are added to any group they even don't know and the trouble start here there number and pictures are shared with other unknown people.

Especially in the case of women, they have to face a great dirty mentality. There have been some types of sharing of porn messages, photos, or videos in the groups by adding them to a group without their permission.

To solve this problem Whats App comes with a new privacy feature that will help us to prevent someone to add any group.

Initially, this feature has been made available on an experimental basis on some people's mobile phones. This feature will be available to all in the coming days.

How to use What's App Privacy Feature?
1.Update your WhatsApp to the latest version
2. Go to WhatsApp setting and click on Account
3. In account click on privacy and click on Groups
4. In the Groups, three option is available
b.My contact.
5.everyone - If you select this option, then anyone can add you in any group
6. My Contact - the Only user from your contact can add you in any group
7.Nobody - No one can add you in any group

Please share your thought and suggestion in the comment section.

11 Jul 2018

What is internal linking in SEO? How interlinks help to increase Blogger traffic.

11 July
Website SEO, the Important term to do if you want to increase your blog traffic and to increase the Google page ranking. We all search on the internet for the effective tips and tricks for Search engine optimization which help to increase your blog traffic And you find numbers of tricks but not all technique works for you.

The golden rule to increase your blog traffic is your website content with a targeted keyword, Content is the only thing which gives you huge organic traffic as well as the good reputation to your blog in your readers. To add more value into this use of internal linking small but most effective SEO strategy. Internal linking is the best way to redirect targeted traffic to other pages within your domain without losing the link juice.
Web Page Internal Linking Structure
Web Page Internal Linking Structure

 In this post, I will explain to you what is the internal linking and what is its benefit.

What is internal linking?

In a simple word, Internal linking means provide a normal hyperlink from one page to any other page within the same domain. Internal linking is used to navigate the reader from one page to another whos content are may be related to each other.
for example, if you write the blog post related to Affiliate marketing then you can provide a link to page Hostgator affiliate marketing Program because both pages are related to Affiliate marketing.

How Interlinks help to increase Blogger traffic

Decrease the website bounce rate

Bounce rate is a factor that is measured by Google by percent of visitors who leave your website after viewing a single page this will cause a bad affect on your website ranking. Internal Linking help to keep visitor engaging with your website longer as they navigate through other related pages. This will help to lower your website bounce rate and improve the Google page ranking.

Internal Linking For SEO

A top search engine like Google, when crawling your website for the content internal link building helps to understand the relationship between the content of your website. The crawler is designed to work like humans they pass through every linking page and it helps to index the page. Internal linking helps crawler to understand you're pointing to the other related content within your website.

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Internal link for Improve Page rank

Higher page rank is important to get higher organic traffic from the search engine. Google give page rank to any website page is dependent upon the number of backlinks that page has. A higher page rank website page transfers the targeted traffic with a link juice to other pages which are the internal link. It helps to get better rank to these pages in search engines due to a flow of link from the highest page rank page.

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Internal Linking for Improve Page Views.

Now we know that internal linking is used to redirect the user to other pages to find more interesting and useful content within your website. This will help to build more attachment for the user with your website. This helps to increase the conversion rate of your website. More readers attach to your website means the increase in the page view.

Internal Linking to Pass the link juice.

From the SEO point of view, both internal and external links are important. external links basically the backlinks which give the traffic from the external source. The internal link is used to pass link juice to other pages within your website and help the user to navigate to your website

How To Build Internal Linking

1. Check Related page on the website

Internal Linking is more beneficial if the linking page content is related to each other. If your website is big and you have the maximum number of the post then it is easy to do internal linking. With the help of the Google search engine, you can easily find the post which is related to the search keyword.

The search result will display all the post related to your keyword you can choose the article which is a perfect fit for internal linking.

Note - Avoid adding the internal link to the Homepage.

2. Hyperlink Text


Internal link Post

The Hyperlink text which redirects the user to other pages. This will be the entry point so use descriptive and relative text which relates to your post this will help the user to get more information about the topic. Using short text links like "Click Here" or " Check this" is not very helpful to the user as well as to search engines.
Internal linking you can use the keyword Phrase from the post content or you can use the entire post link with the post title.

3. Always Use Valid Link.

It is very good practice to provide a valid internal link if you don't have the related page then don't add any irrelevant page link. Internal linking is used to provide additional information and it should be natural. The link page should be relevant to the destination post then only it provides value to your website.

4. Number of Internal Links

There is no exact number for how many internal links you can add in a single post. The internal link is used to provide additional information about the topic so try to keep a reasonable link that will not confuse the reader about the topic.

Final Thought

This post will help to understand how Internal linking is used and its advantages. Internal linking is a simple SEO strategy to navigate the readers to use a website that can help to improve page rank and Improve website traffic. But it all depends on the quality content to keep adding quality content to your website.

Please share your thought and doubt in the comment section.

25 Jun 2018

Top social bookmarking sites List for SEO

25 June
Social Bookmarking means to share or submitting your website link to various social bookmarking sites Like blogs, social networks, forums, microblogs, image and video sharing sites.

All the listed social bookmarking websites are popular and have the number of active users so it definitely helps to increase your website traffic.

 Why Social Bookmarking?

1. It helps to create High-quality Backlinks for your website
2. Generated targeted traffic to your blog with free of the coast (Most of the Social bookmarking site are free to use).
3. Backlinks help to boost your search engine ranking
4. Help to increase your website popularity.

Social_bookmarking_site_list |
Social Bookmarking Site List
"Backlinks" is a very important term in Search Engine Optimization(SEO). It is difficult to understand the term "Backlinks" for a new blogger.

So first, start with What is Backlinks?

Backlinks are the incoming links to your webpage. When a webpage link to any other page it's called "Backlinks".

Backlinks play a very important role to generate a huge traffic to your website and help to improve the website rank in search engine. Social bookmarking is a technique which is used to create quality Backlinks for a website.

In this article, we are going to share you the list of Social Bookmaking site which you can be used to increase the website traffic with the Quality Backlinks.

What is Social Bookmarking Site?

Social Bookmarking means to share or submitting your website link to various social bookmarking sites Like blogs, social networks, forums, microblogs, image and video sharing sites.

All the listed social bookmarking websites are popular and have the number of active users so it definitely helps to increase your website traffic.

 Why Social Bookmarking?

1. It helps to create High-quality Backlinks for your website
2. Generated targeted traffic to your blog with free of the coast (Most of the Social bookmarking site are free to use).
3. Backlinks help to boost your search engine ranking
4. Help to increase your website popularity.

Step to submit your Website to Social Bookmarking Site.

The submission process is very simple and easy.
1. Register using your working email-id.
2. Create a profile with the actual information
3. Understand the terms and condition of every site
4. Avoid creating multiple profiles using a different email address.
5. Be connected with your readers

Top social bookmarking sites List for


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Use above link and submit your website to generate quality Backlinks.
Note: Avoid Spamming on these sites.

22 Jun 2018

How to use short tail and Long tail keywords to improve your SEO.

22 June
In the SEO keywords are a basic element. Keywords will decide what search result you should be getting from the search engine. if you pay attention while searching on the internet, Google displays a result as per the query(Keyword) use in the search term and the difference between the number of results you get while a search with short & long tail keywords is huge.

In this post, we will share you the difference between short tail & long tail keyword and How to use the long tail keyword to improve your Blog traffic.

Short & Long Tail Keyword
Short & Long Tail Keyword
It is very easy to understand the difference between short tail and long tail keyword. In the short tail keyword, it contains only two to three words. for example "Health Insurence" is a short tail keyword and for long tail keyword example "Best health insurance company in Mumbai".

A website can get more hits from the short tail keywords because they are the less specific keyword. On the other hand, long tail keyword drives less traffic to your website but the traffic you get from the long tail keyword is more specific and targeted it will give high conversion rate than other.

let's say you search for "Health Insurence" in google you get almost 95,60,00,000 search result. all these high rated keywords are already targeted by the big companies and you only get traffic if you are in the first page of google search and this somehow very difficult because the competition is very high.

But if you search the same thing with some specific keyword, for examples of long tail keywords, "Best health insurance company in Mumbai". you get 3,09,00,000 result. Long tail keyword only gives you the specific and targeted result. This type of specific keyword is used by the user for specific brand or service in mind. That's the reason conversion rate with the long tail keyword is very high.

How to use long tail and Short tail keywords.

Google update there search algorithm panda and made it clear for webmasters to prioritize original and useful content for visitors while focusing on certain keywords to improve the page rank of the website. With proper balancing, you can use the short tail keyword with the long tail keyword.

Just keep that in mind for to long-run use the right combination keyword with the quality content.

To compete with your online competitors you have to use both the type of keyword.
Both keywords type have there own advantages and disadvantages. So here are some tips to help you.

1. Start with longtail keyword and then short tail keyword.

For a new blogger, it is very important to first create their user base in the online world. for this long tail keyword would help you. You get minimum but targeted traffic and this will help to create user base to a website.

Write good and value-adding content for your readers with proper use of the long tail keyword. Once you start getting steady and unique visitor's flow to the website form the long tail keyword you can start utilizing the short tail keyword.

2. optimize the website for short tail keyword

Short tail keyword easily incorporated with the long tail keyword, so it means you already starting the use of the short tail keyword. Write the unique, fresh and valuable content with use targeted keyword. choosing the proper keyword really make the difference in high conversion rate.

Advantages of long tail keywords

1. Long tail Keyword provides high search volume with targeted users.
2. As compare to short tail keyword long tail keyword has less competitor with higher click-through rate(CTR)
3. Traffic comes from long-tail keyword is more targeted and search for the specific item, a product so ads can match to the search need which helps to improve the higher CTR, higher Quality Score.
4. Higher CTR, higher conversion rates mean long-tail keywords can be extremely profitable.

19 Jun 2018

7 Best Search Engine Optimisation Tips to Improve Google Page Rank

19 June

7 Best Search Engine Optimisation Tips to Improve Google Page Rank
Best SEO Tips
Blogging and SEO are two things which are interrelated to each other and without proper SEO you can't get the highest ranking in a search engine for your blog/website.
As we all know the Limitation of Google Blogspot in term of Search engine optimization. Google Blogspot is a free & best tool for starting your journey as a blogger. Many bloggers start there journey with Google Blogspot and then migrate to another tool like WordPress to gain the better control
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In this post, I will share some best working SEO tips for Blogger.

Blog URL Link

Some of the bloggers start their blog to just for an interest and to share there thought with others they do not bother about search engine result and ranking but if you are blogging to earn money online then you don't forget the importance of the blog URL.
Blog URL is important in term of search engine optimization because you can use a targeted and high CPC keyword in the URL which will help to rank high in a search engine result. It is very simple to Add/Edit blog URL in Blogspot. While writing a post you can find the Permalink option under Link section to your right side panel. Under the Permalink you have two options Automatic and Custom. Click on the custom button and edit the URL as per your blog title or use targeted and high CPC keyword related to your post.
Blogpost Permalink
BlogSpot Permalink

Post Title

Blog post title is the first thing which is seen by the readers in search engine listing and it gives the idea about the content inside the blog. If you use the targeted keyword in the blog post title then it definitely helps to pull huge targeted traffic from search engine to your blog.
Follow this basic rule for the perfect blog title. Keep the blog title in between 60 and 65 characters. It is very good if you show the blog title before

How To Show Post Title Before Blog Title In Blogger

1.Login to your blogger account
2. Then Go to Template->Edit HTML
3. Find the code Ctrl+f

And replace With
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

4. Save Template
Now Every pages will have post title itself.

Images For SEO

Website loading time speed is the factor which also affects the website performance if your website took a long time to load then the User just close the browser tab and move to the next website with negative feedback. if your website taking a long time to load then it also affects your search engine ranking. No one like slow loading website. Website loading time depend upon the different factor and images are one of them. Images are important in the blog to describe your article effectively to readers So it is very important to optimize your website images to improve the website loading time.
We already have a separate article on how to optimize the image for SEO.
Note:- Don't Forget to add an Alt tag to every image used in your blog spot.

Check This - How to do Image Optimization for SEO

Meta Tag

Meta tag can contain the whole information about the blog page. It Contains title, description and other detail of blog post URL. Meta tag can be used to add the targeted keyword in a blog which is related to your blog spot and it helps search engine robot to identify your blog niche, Don't forget to add meta tag for every post this will definitely help for blog SEO optimization. A meta tag is not visible to the user who visits your website but meta tag are important for a search engine, search engine read your meta keyword and check that your website content is related to your meta keyword and your website niche? This will definitely help to improve your page ranking in search engine.

Nofollow external link

Nofollow and Dofollow are the two basic concepts in SEO. If you know the Basic SEO then you are aware of this term. Now the question is that which link should be Dofollow and which could be Nofollow?

Dofollow link is the link which we want to follow by the Google Bot from our blog page And Nofollow links which we don't want to follow by the Google Bot from our blog page. sometimes we link to any bad domain or any affiliate product then we use the Nofollow attribute.

Blog Commenting

Commenting on others blog which helps to generate quality backlinks which help to generate quality traffic to your website.
When replying to readers comment try to use the post related keyword this could help to maintain the keyword density. Use the Google+ integrated comment form. This will help to get higher social media integration in your Google+ circle.

Optimise for Mobile(Smartphone).

Nowadays more people access the internet using mobile or tablet than from the desktop computer. Traffic from the desktop computer gets decreasing over the last decade and goes increasing with a mobile and tablet. Many readers are using their smartphone to view your blog/website, so it’s important to ensure that your Blog is searchable and optimizes as per the mobile screen resolution. The site automatically shrinks down to fit a smartphone screen so you won’t have to scroll horizontally as well as vertically.

Hope this tips will help the Blogger Users for there blog SEO, But Blogspot is a third-party product and have a minimum customization option for SEO so it will be better if you move to WordPress or any other tool after getting the required experience in Blogging.

18 Jun 2018

How to Make Money with Your Blog.

18 June
Earn Money Online

Blogging, Few year's backs blogging was a hobby, we do this in a spare time and we never think about making money through it or a full-time profession.

But now the things are changes and online blogging is a full-time job. If you search on a google you can find a number of bloggers who make a huge amount of money through online blogging and it becomes a full-time job.

Previously bloggers depend on Adsense for making money online. As a time change alternative for making money online is also change. Now there is a number of ad network and monetization methods available which can we used and make more money online.

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You can try different Ad network & affiliate program as per your requirement.

This post will share you some of the tips on how to make money from your blog. Tryout and see which work best for you.

Best way to make money from a blog


It is always better to use multiple ad networks to maximize your online income.
Viglink is a best for monetizing your blog. If your blog is related to product promotion or reviews any kind of product then Viglink is very useful.

Viglink converts all your normal link to affiliate link., and if users make a purchase, you earn a referral commission from it. The best part is that you don't need to be signed up for an individual affiliate account on all networks.

Viglink |

Sign Up For Viglink

 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, Many successful bloggers use to make huge money. Single Sale makes more money than the textual ad.

Some Tips on affiliate marketing 

 Some of the popular Affiliate Program Join and Start making money online
1.Amazon Affiliate program
2.Hostgator Affiliate
3.BlueHost Affiliate
4.Commission Junction

Referral Program

There are many advertisement programmes available who pay for the referral program. You can refer this program to your readers and earn quick money.
Please check the program before referring to your readers.
Viglink Referal

Direct Advertisement

AdSense is the best advertisement program for blogger but the only limitation that amount of money they pay on per click.
If you manage to grab direct advertisements, replace those AdSense units with direct ads instead.
You can try BuySellAds to secure some direct advertisements.
For me, this kind of ad is the best, most stable, and highest paying. You should also have a detailed advertisement page for your blog.
You can try AdClerks or use a plugin like WPAdvancedAds to secure some direct advertisements.


If you notice, the business model of most top internet marketers has to do with selling eBooks.
For bloggers like you and me, it’s easier to create an eBook by using your existing blog content. All you need to do is pick a topic, compile an eBook on that topic, and put it on sale on your blog or on Amazon.
Once you are used to this process, you can earn a decent amount of money by selling eBooks online. Moreover, having your own product to sell is the best thing that you can do to generate passive income.

11 Jun 2018

Best site to start a blog for free ( And start making money online

11 June

Many people will search for easy ways to make money online. Blogging is a good option to make money online. From my experience as a part-time blogger, I am making a decent income from Blogging.

If you have a free time and finding the best online opportunities to make money then blogging is the best option. Creating Blogs are available for free and here is detail guide for how to create a blog for free.

If you are new and started a new blog then don't need to invest money in hosting and domain you can go with Google Blogspot it is free to use and not require technical knowledge to manage.

Advantages of Google Blogspot

1. Google Blogspot is completely Free. You just need a google account to login.
2. You can use Google Adsense with your google blog it is easy to incorporate with Google Blogspot and start making money online.

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3. Google Blogspot is very easy to customize lots of theme and template are available for free
4. Google Blogspot provide all necessary tool to create a free blog. Start writing quality content and share it on a social media to get more exposure.

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Step to create a free blog on Google Blogspot

1.  Sign up for Google

Go to If you have Gmail account you can use same email id to sign in into or you can create a new one it's completely free.

Once you logged in you can find the option "CREATE NEW BLOG " Click on it for creating a new blog

Create Free new blog using Google blogspot

Create new Blog

2.Enter a name of Blog

Enter blog name as your choice and enter the domain name which also googles provide for free. make sure that your blog name should be related to the blog topic it will help readers to get an easy idea about your blog.

Add Blog name And url
Blog name

Done, You have successfully created a free blog on google blog spot in less than a minute.

3. Create your First Blog.

Create first post blogspot free
Create First Post

Click on New Post to create your first post, after clicking on new post customize editor window will open
New Post Editor Blogspot Free
New Post Editor

Here you can find multiple text editor option. Write content and add related images.

Labels - Labels are basically a menu e.g Health, technology, News etc
Schedule - It means when your posts are published, your blog post will go into a queue and will not appear until the scheduled date and time.
Permalink - It is a primary link of your blog you can edit this also as per your blog title.

4. Adsense

 On the left side menu you can find the option Earning, after getting an amount of traffic on your blog you can apply to Google Adsense and start making money online.  It is somehow difficult to get approved Google Adsense but with proper planning and quality content with good visitor count, you can approve your account easily.

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There are other options available on left side menu which are used to manage and edit a blog. Template option is used to edit HTML but if you know the HTML then only try this option
Layout option is used to add multiple types of a widget on the website.

After successfully creating a blog Now whats next?

Next things are to start writing a quality article with the quality content which helps to reach the maximum number of a user. You have to focus on SEO and keyword research which help to pull more traffic to your blog from a search engine will help to get more click and able to generate a more income from Google Adsense.

That's sound easy but if you are a new blogger and don't have an idea about SEO then it the little bit difficult but don't worry you can start learning how SEO will help to generate more traffic from search engine.

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Now Approve Google Adsense.

To get Adsense account to be approved you have quality content with unique visitors. You are a new blogger I recommended you to wait at least 3 to 4 month before applying to Adsense. In between these time period, you have enough quality content and a good amount of website traffic from search engine. This will help to approve Adsense account easily

Tips for new Blogger.

Avoid Duplicate Content:

Most of the upcoming and new blogger copied content from other popular blog and paste in there blog think that will help to increase blog traffic but this will impact badly on your blog Google search engine easily find that the content of your website is copied and start penalized your blog, It will affect your blog ranking, You never get approved to your Adsense account, if you have approved Adsense then it also blocked by Google. So please don't try this. Unless trying to write it with your thoughts and idea.

Images Optimization:

Google image search also help to pull traffic from search engine and graphical visualization help to understand the topic more clearly.
but take care of copyright issue while adding an image to your website. You can use free sites like or to make your own images.
or with google image search Try Tools->User Rights->Lable For reuse.

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Creating Blog With Blogspot For Free

Google Blogspot is a very good tool to start your initial blogging journey this help you to understand the important technical term like SEO, Keyword, Search Engine, Themes, Plugins etc.
On next step, once you get confidence in your blogging you can move to personal hosting provider which enlarge your monetization strategies and skills as a blogger. If all things are plan properly then the result will show in your income.

Please share it with others so they can start their own free blogs on Google Blogspot.

6 Jun 2018

Best ways to increase traffic to your website

06 June
In today's generation blogging is a very effective way to show your talent to the world. You can easily create your blog about your niche. You can write articles regarding your hobby and experience. You can also earn enough money through blogging. You can find some popular name in blogging are "shoutmeLoud","helplogger" etc.

But just creating and writing a blog is not enough. If your blog unable to reach to the maximum people then no use.
in today's crowded online world writing a quality post is not enough to get quality traffic and most of the new blogger is facing this problem. Without quality traffic how they make money online.

As a new blogger once your website live to internet we think that we get 100 of view at least . for that we register to google analytics or any other online tracking tool, and we start searching on internet "How to increase traffic" and you find n numbers of tricks, but all of them will not work for you. You need to go for the ways that actually help you improve your website traffic. If you are selling services, products or plain advertisements on your blog, your revenue will depend a lot on your website traffic.

This article will share you tips to help blogger and website to increase there traffic.

How to increase blog traffic for free |
How to increase blog traffic for free

Best ways to increase traffic to your website

Content with Keyword (keyword research)

The content of blog play very important role. Quality content help to get more traffic to blog, try to add new articles on daily bases around your website niche. more content will attract more quality traffic on a website.

an online tool like Google keyword planner used to search for an effective primary keyword for your blog. Various other tools are also available you can choose as per your convenience. Use this keyword repeatedly on your blog that will help to pull more traffic from search engine to your blog.

Google auto-suggestion will help you to find most search keyword, You can choose a specific keyword and write an effective article, This will help to increase blog traffic.

Google Search related keyword you can find this on every result page ending, from here you can get the quality keyword which searches most and related to your search.

Keyword Everywhere is a free chrome extension which integrated with a google search and displays related keyword with there volume, CPC, COMP. Highly recommended.

A long tail keyword is also very useful to pull traffic from the search engine.

Social Media

We all are somehow using social media in our day to day life. You can take advantage of social media platform to reach your article to a maximum number of people in short time. if your content is good enough then start sharing on social media platform
people in social media start reading and commenting your post this will help to pull traffic to your website.
Social media platform including Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Google plus, Humsurfer, facebook, twitter etc you can use effectively to reach a maximum number of people. Share and bookmark your article with these social media platform. On Facebook and Twitter share your article for multiple time.

Advantages of writing on Quora

"Quora" the platform where you can get an answer to all your question. if you properly analyze, if you are searching on google for any question answer you can possibly find a link that will redirect you to Quora that is the power of quora. you can pull huge traffic from Quora to your website
You have to just search for topic and question related to your blog and start answering these question and add your article link in the answer. start writing a good answer to the topic related to your blog that will help get more upvote on Quora.

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How to get traffic to your website from youtube

We all know about youtube. Youtube also be an a search engine. Youtube process more than 3 billion searches a month. Users can easily understand the topic if you present with graphical visualisation. Youtube can be used for the same reason. video with the shorter length up to 2 min get more views. With using simple tips you can boost your website traffic
1. Start your youtube channel that is very easy, give proper name that will related to your blog or topic on which on you write.
2. Same tricks use proper keyword, title, tags, meta description that will help to search your video on youtube.
3. Add your website link or article link by using annotations on YouTube or meta description data. Otherwise, you’re wasting your traffic from YouTube. Also ask people to visit your sites while they are watching your videos.
4.Catchy heading and title to pull more traffic on your video.

Blog Commenting

This is also a very effective way to pull healthy traffic to your blog. On the internet, you can find a number of blog and website which are related to your website and topic. Start to making note of blog which is high traffic and rated content and start commenting on their blog. As you know, you get a backlink from each approved comment that you write on other blogs.
and don't forget to paste your blog link in your comment lot's of readers and user click on your post link and this will bring more traffic to your website.
You can use google reader to track your favorite blog or you can also subscribe to there newsletter to get an update when any new post is added then you should try to the first commenter on most of the posts as your comment will be more readable and clicked there.

Submitting website to search engines

We all know the power of search engines in today's internet world. The search engine is a primary way to get traffic to any website. If your website is new then you have to submit it to the popular search engine which helps to get indexing your website and it starts appearing in the search result will help to get traffic to the website.
submitting a website to a search engine is very easy and completely free google, bing, yahoo, etc are a search engine which is top in a list will help to get more traffic to the website.

Facebook and twitter page

We all know the popularity of these giant social networking platform. Start a fan page about your website and start promoting it to increase the fanbase. After the search engine, most of the direct traffic is coming from social networking platform. fan page with thousands of fans will help to generate direct traffic to your website but also helps you improve your website search engine ranking and brand awareness. Here is my Facebook fan page link in case you need to check.
There are other platforms like google plus, LinkedIn which are also famous and help to reach the maximum number of reader will help to increase your blog traffic.

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All of the above tips are only work if you constantly put an effort in bring traffic.keywords are very much important finding and implementing eight keywords in the article are key get more traffic will help to increase the revenue also.

This would be free and easy tips for increasing website traffic. Please share your comment and thoughts in the comment section.